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July 29, 2014
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What's New at IAFF F121
Administrative Investigation
To: All Bargaining Unit Employees,
The Union has reason to believe that several bargaining unit employees will be interviewed as part of an investigation regarding work situations in the fire department.  The answers provided by you or others may result in disciplinary actions against yourself or other bargaining unit members.
FIRST AND FOREMOST, I URGE EACH PERSON CALLED TO NOTIFY THE PERSON DIRECTING TO THE INVESTIGATIVE THAT YOU ARE EXERCISING YOU RIGHT TO REQUEST UNION REPRESENTATION.  You only have to make the request and share that you are in fear of an adverse action resulting from your participation. (This is similar to your MIRANDA rights in criminal matters) This is for your protection.

As part of this investigation you may be required to give written statements during the interviews. 
Generally, you must attend these meetings (administrative investigations) and you must fully cooperate and answer any questions truthfully

To help prepare you, here are a few comments about the interviews to answer questions that you may have:

1. You should ASK, with a Union Rep present, to be advised about the purpose of the meeting so you fully understand the scope of the investigation and purpose of the questions.   Before starting, You should ASK what are the rules governing confidentiality and understand them completely.
2. Although you must participate in the investigation, the interview should NOT be coercive in nature.
3. You may only refuse to answer questions and/or be entitled to union representation IF the investigation may possibly lead to criminal conduct
against you, in which case you may invoke your Fifth Amendment right to remain silent unless you are granted immunity.
4. You should request union representation.  Since the topics or results may result in disciplinary action being taken by the agency against you, you should not take this type of interview lightly.  Your future career could depend upon the results of this investigation.
5. You are entitled to union representation EVEN IF the investigation concerns any grievance, personnel practices or general conditions of
employment.  Generally, any discussion about what happens in the workplace involved general conditions of employment.
6. You are protected against reprisals for providing information by the Whistleblower Protection Act.

7. You should ASK for a copy of any written statement that you give during the interview. 

8. You may request union representation at anytime during the interview.  Once you request representation it is best that you respectfully decline to answer any further questions until representation is present and remain silent. 

Please feel free to call me 
 if you have any questions about these interviews or if  you wish to have union representation during these interviews.  Depending upon advice that the local is seeking, the Union may already have a representative present.

Again, this is a very serious matter and it calls for your complete honesty.  Don't try to hide answers or be dishonest in of your responses.  Don't speak of things that you do not have first hand knowledge of.  Doing so could place your continued employment in jeopardy.

Greg Russell, President

Real (Fire) Men Wear Pink
Naval Support Activity South Potomac (NSASP) firefighters sported pink shirts during the month of October to raise awareness about fighting cancer. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and like many other cancer-awareness advocates, the firefighters wore pink to not only show their support for the Susan G. Read More...
Firefighters Recount Dahlgren Flash Flood
Naval Support Facility (NSF) Dahlgren’s firefighters came forward recently to recall a very busy night during the unprecedented flash flooding crisis aboard the installation in early September. Read More...
IAFF Fights Bad Pension Bill That Will Hurt Federal Fire Fighters

The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform has approved H.R. 3813 on a party line 22-16 vote. The misnamed Securing Annuities for Federal Employees Act of 2012 will devastate the retirement benefits of federal employees while also forcing them to pay more for those reduced benefits. General President Harold Schaitberger sent a scathing letter to the chairman and ranking member of the Senate Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Darrell Issa (R-CA) blasting the legislation.

Intl Children's Burn Camp

The IAFF Burn Foundation will be hosting the International Burn Camp from September 24 through September 30, 2011 This internationally acclaimed program brings young burn survivors (ages 13 to 15) and an IAFF fire fighter/camp counselor from each of the more than 40+ regional burn camps across the United States and Canada to Washington, DC for a once in a life-time trip.

This year that camp has moved from its previous Silver Spring location and it is now be based in southern Anne Arundel County, MD at Camp Wabana.  This retreat is located about 20 minutes south of the US Naval Academy off of Rt 2 in the Edgewater / Mayo area. 

As part of this special week, we are hoping that you will join us at two of the events. For the first time ever, the IAFF will be hosting a Camp Carnival Day.  This day is an opportunity for  IAFF Members to participate in this worthwhile event and really play along with the campers. Please join us on September 28 at Camp Wabanna, located at 101 Likes Road, Edgewater MD, 21037 between 2:30 pm and 6:30 pm.  We are looking for interested members willing to staff various events.  If you can help out please drop an email to

At the end of Carnival Day at approximately 2030 hrs the campers will experience another first, this time courtesy of all the Federal Locals in the National Capital area.  Through the generous donations of more than 6 locals and a wonderful pyrotechnics company, the campers will be treated to a fireworks display in a "Red, White and Blue" theme. 

The following day, Thursday Sept. 29, our local will play host to the campers and counselors for a full day at the US Naval Academy.  The day begins about 0840 when the campers will arrive at the USNA Visitor's Center where they will participate in a directed tour of the Academy.  Then at 1030 the campers will be invited to swim in one of the indoor pools located on the Academy grounds.  You are welcome to join these wonderful kids in the swim from 1030 until 1230.  

Finally, our day with the campers heads towards the finish line with a catered Pizza Party lunch at "The Drydock" located on the Academy grounds. 

Again, if you wish to participate in "Carnival Day" on Wednesday afternoon Sept 28 please rsvp to  If you wish to join the kids for a swim, report to the fire station at the Naval Academy by 0930 on Thursday Sept 29.  


The work you, and our E-Board members, do on behalf of those who have suffered a burn injury is truly appreciated. We hope to see you at the Carnival and/or the Swim.

Together, we are Helping Heal Bodies, Hearts and Souls!

IAFF Concerned About Navy’s Dis regard for Obama Executive Order

Documents obtained by an IAFF Local indicate that Navy officials are contemplating closing a fire station at the Washington Navy Yard in the Washington, DC area.

The IAFF is not clear on how the Navy plans to provide fire protection to the Navy Yard. The Navy may try to convince the District of Columbia to provide fire protection and EMS services to the Navy, but the City has its own budget problems. "We really have no idea what the plans are since we are not involved in these discussions or decisions," says National Capital Professional Fire Fighters Local F-121 President Greg Russell. "The documentation we have seen advises officials that they're not to reveal any pre-decisional discussions to the unions."

The IAFF and Local F-121 are dismayed that senior Navy officials are blatantly disregarding an
Executive Order issued by President Obama in 2009 requiring federal agencies to create labor-management forums and to “discuss workplace challenges and problems with labor and endeavor to develop solutions jointly, rather than advise union representatives of predetermined solutions to problems and then engage in bargaining over the impact and implementation of the pre-determined solutions.”

Since May of 2010 the National Capital Professional Fire Fighters Local F-121 has been attempting to establish a labor-management forum with the Navy in accordance with the Executive Order. Local F-121 became aware of the documentation exchanged between senior Navy officials that confirmed that the Navy is discussing closing the fire station at the D.C. Navy Yard to reduce costs.

"We should all be concerned when it becomes evident that federal agencies are disregarding the orders of the president of the United States to include stakeholders in pre-decisional matters," says IAFF 16th District Vice President Jim Johnson. "These agency officials have lost sight of who they work for or they just don’t care. Either way it is dereliction and disrespectful."


Trade of Time Bill Re-Introduced in House of Representatives

The President of the National Capital Federal Fire Fighters wishes to express the profound gratitude of this Local's membership to Congressman John Sarbanes for his hard work on behalf of the federal fire fighters within this IAFF Local and all federal fire fighters employed across this great nation.  I am proud to count Congress Sarbanes, and the entire Sarbanes clan, as friends of the IAFF and all fire fighters! 

Gregory Russell,
National Capital Professional Federal Fire Fighters,
International Association of Fire Fighters Local F121
Navy Settles Overtime Pay Dispute With Federal Local F-121

The United States Navy has agreed to a settlement in a dispute before the Federal Labor Relations Authority after the National Capital Professional Federal Fire Fighters Local F-121 filed charges for failure to bargain. The Navy had decided to use military reservist fire fighters in place of civilian fire fighters at one of the Naval District Washington locations for a three-month period to reduce unscheduled overtime.

Local F-121 attempted to bargain the change in working conditions for the civilian federal fire fighters, but the Navy refused.

“Just days before a hearing scheduled before an Administrative Law Judge in Washington, DC, the Navy agreed to compensate employees for the lost unscheduled overtime,” reports Local F-121 President Greg Russell.

IAFF 16th District Vice President Jim Johnson says, “This is another example of the IAFF and our local leaders doing their job and protecting the rights of our members in the federal sector commented 1n. “Local F121 is to be commended for their actions in ensuring compliance with federal sector labor relations laws.”

Download: ULP Settlement - Military Reservist.pdf
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